I believe in true love, in deeply emotional moments, in a touch of timelessness, in a sense of wonder, in wild and free things.. Wedding photography is now my main life engine, passion, and space into which I am immersed to my fingertips. Light in photography and faces, hearts and souls, which shines brighter than sun, small details - that's what I'm looking for in every moment. Even when the lips are silent, feelings are in the air, and the smell of love is the most special! Sometimes I dream with my eyes open and pump stories into myself that no one has told yet. This joy of search and discovery inspires me to create memories that will make you fall in love again and again.

Every year I am taking stronger steps and looking forward to new inspirations. If you want something tangible that you can hold on to, photos which can revitalise in the heart and remember the way you felt it - feel free to write me!